“BEST” Food Fight!

It began as a simple argument: My grandma can kick your grandma’s butt in the kitchen.

The advent of restaurants has since brought a new angle to this debate–now it’s all about which restaurant serves the best dish!

So who makes the best burgers? Who serves the best sushi? Who has the best vegetarian desserts? Who makes the best coffee??? Make your opinions known below.



  1. Place: Cafe Regular

    Location/Details: http://www.caferegular.com

    Dish: Coffee

    I’m going to kick us off by saying that when it comes to flavor, it’s tough to beat the coffee at Cafe Regular in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I drink my coffee BLACK–no sugar, no cream, no syrup, no candy canes, no sprinkles, no Smurfs. Because of this, the flavor of the coffee in its naked, unadulterated form is very important to me–and the coffee at Cafe Regular doesn’t *need* any gussying up; it’s delicious as is. That, to me, is perfection. Mmmmm.

    Colson’s and ‘Snice, both in the same neighborhood, also serve good coffee (and Colson’s can be quite strong if you’re seeking liquid speed), but on flavor merits only, Cafe Regular wins.

  2. Place: Cafe Glechik

    Location/Details: http://www.glechik.com

    Dish: Red Borscht

    This might be an odd time of year to start talking about hot soup, but if you suddenly have a yen for Ukrainian food, you can jump off the boardwalk at Coney Island and head over to Cafe Glechik for the best red borscht in the Boroughs (really). The first thing you’ll notice is that nearly everyone eating here is Ukrainian or Russian (a good sign); the food is “home cooking”-style, and the atmosphere is pleasant/casual. Then the borscht: PACKED with dill and loads of flavor, this borscht comes with or without cream depending on your preference. Small ‘taters and other treasures are to be found deep within the crimson abyss. I realize that singing the praises of borscht is sort of like dancing around the room over “great celery”–but this soup really is *that* good.

    NOTE: If anyone believes there is a better red borscht in NYC, tell me what it is–I won’t believe you…but will try it just in case. 🙂

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