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  1. Place: Dizzy’s Diner

    Location/Details: http://dizzys.com

    Dish: “Eggs Any Way You Want ’em” (it’s not just eggs!)

    Wow. I ordered “to go” so that I could eat breakfast in neighboring Prospect Park. My “park breakfast” consisted of (*drum roll please*…):

    *a large pile of savory roasted potatoes (they call them “home fries”, but don’t mistakenly expect the crappy wannabe tater-like anomalies diners normally serve—these are REAL potatoes!)
    *2 eggs (I had mine sunny side up, but you can choose)
    *a cup of juice (pick from orange, grapefruit, tomato, and others)
    *two huge hunks of grainy, artisanal-style toast
    *a cup of hot coffee (unlimited refills if you eat on the premises–you can also opt to have a “bottomless” cup of hot tea instead)
    *a glass of water (need something to wash it all down, right?)

    …all garnished with an orange slice and fresh mint. I also ordered a side of turkey bacon to go with it (that’s extra—but I gotta have my bacon! :D) Altogether, this made for a huge, delicious breakfast for less than $10 (yes, including the bacon). Dizzy’s weekend “brunch” is pricier but also includes some additional fixin’s; if you happen to be near this place during the week, though, I highly recommend the breakfast (a pic of the same dish, different day, below).

    Breakfast @ Dizzy's

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