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  1. Place: Bar Tano

    Location/Details: http://www.bartano.com
    (3rd Ave. and 9th St. in Brooklyn/Gowanus)

    Dish: Americano Burger Panini

    Yes, the Americano Burger Panini may be the most unlikely dish to order off the predominantly Italian menu, but it caught my eye the first time (I must have been in a burger mood) and I haven’t so much as glanced at the rest of the menu since!

    I was totally taken by surprise the first time I sank my teeth into this unassuming dish. The burger is thick, juicy, and cooked to perfection (I always order medium). The bread on the outside is just thick enough without overwhelming the burger and hot and crusty from the panini press. The cheese is melty and gooey and oozes over the burger. The combination of the crusty bread, oozing cheese, and abundant burger juices was enough to make me start “mmmmming” so loudly my husband had to try some.

    I have ordered the Americano Burger Panini at Bar Tano’s sister restaurant, Bar Toto (also in Brooklyn at 411 11th St.) and, bracing myself for disappointment, was delighted to find the experience exactly the same.

    Try this dish!

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