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  1. Place: Katz’s Delicatessen

    Location/Details: 205 E. Houston St., NYC http://www.katzdeli.com

    Dish: The Famed Pastrami Sandwich

    Before you groan at the thought of one more person cooing over Katz’s, there are two important things to know: 1) I’m a New Yorker, not a tourist; 2) I’ve compared the pastrami sandwiches of many a pub, diner, and deli throughout the city before writing this post. Here’s a little something to set the mood:

    Katz's Pastrami Sandwich

    These sandwiches are absurdly huge. Two starving people could easily make a meal out of one, particularly with the little side-bucket of pickles that come with. The pastrami is served hot and piled high—as huge hunks of meat come out of the oven, the cooks slice off a generous stack of pastrami and fork-lift it between 2 slices of bread—which, for all intents and purposes, are really just there as a means of holding together this goliath pile of savory pastrami. Your arteries may hate you in the morning, but you can always head over to Angelika Kitchen for some wholesome sticks and twigs for the remainder of the week. So, bring a date, split the sandwich with said pickles, then head for the nearest hammock for the best food coma-induced nap of your life.

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