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  1. Place: Vinegar Hill House


    They don’t take reservations, and people line up early, so make a point to get there just before they open for dinner. Once inside, head straight for the Red Wattle Country Chop with cheddar cheese grits! 🙂

    Red Wattle is a type of pig, and this dish is superb. The meat is cured, then brined, and is insanely tender and flavorful. Served almost medium rare, it’s still pinkish inside and retains lots of moisture despite the curing, etc. The portion size is good, too. The cheese grits that come with it are excellent–sharp cheese that pairs very well with the meat. For $24, it was a steal. I am now a complete convert to red wattle chops; to put things into perspective, these are red wattle pigs:

    Notice how plump and juicy-looking they are! 😀

    We had several other dishes there also, including the Oven-Roasted Octopus with romanesco, parnsips, olives, charred Meyer lemon (7.5 out of 10–delicious; one of the better cooked octopi I’ve eaten, tender; and the char + olive taste together was amazing. Mmmmm…), the roasted ramps with boiled eggs, walnuts, muhammara (6 out of 10–tasty, but it’s ramps. How do you create a knock-out dish with ramps??) and crushed roasted beets with avocado and hazelnuts (7.5 out of 10–there was something about this combination of flavors that really worked. The hazelnuts were toasted, and that toasty flavor combined with the avocado and beets was fantastic)…but none came close to that amazingly tasty portly piggy chop!

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