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  1. Place: Benchmark Restaurant

    Location/Details: http://www.benchmarkrestaurant.com

    Dish: Corn-Fed, Dry Aged NY Strip Steak

    See how sexy this picture is? The flavor was even sexier. Chef Ryan Jaronik has made a habit of creating amazing dishes from exotic ingredients (he’s cooked python), and this gorgeous, hefty 17-oz. steak conveniently comes *without* a hefty price tag. The meat is from Niman Ranch, where cattle is raised naturally—no antibiotics, hormones, or other factory farm horrors. Flavorful, succulent, dry-aged and seasoned with sea salt, the steak is HUGE yet will leave you (as it did myself and my 2 dinner guests) gnawing on the bone to make sure you get every little piece of flavor out of it before you finally have to give up your plate. Most places in NYC charge upwards of $50+ for a large, delicious steak like this. At $29, this one is a steal. I ordered mine with the seared foie gras, caramelized peaches, pecans, toasted brioche, bourbon caramel, pictured below.

    NY Strip Steak @ Benchmark Restaurant. MMM!

    Fois Gras with Caramelized Peaches @ Benchmark.

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