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  1. Place: Nam

    Details: http://www.namnyc.com

    Dish: Ca Hap

    The dishes at Nam seem to be hit or miss—some are quite yumptious (their warm banana dessert with ice cream and toasted coconut is a pleasant way to end the day); others are surprisingly disappointing (“grilled jumbo shrimp & scallops with vegetables, lime basil sauce” sure sounds tantalizing, but it’s overcooked [I tasted more carbon/ash than food] and had enough salt to take the snow off the Rockies). All that said, maybe these issues make Nam an ideal candidate for this website, where what matters most is that single standout dish that rises above and beyond the rest.

    In this case, the choice is easy: the Ca Hap (steamed sea-bass with bean thread noodles, mushrooms, ginger, and scallions). This is NOT a “fishy” fish; but rather, a very mild white fish that soaks up the flavors of the ginger and scallions—with some savory cooked tomatoes tossed in for good measure. Best of all, Nam doesn’t chintz out on the portion size. A friend enthusiastically recommended this dish and always makes a point of getting it here whenever she’s in the Big Apple. For whatever mixed experiences I’ve had at Nam, this dish remains a winner.

    Ca Hap @ Nam
    Ca Hap @ Nam

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